Peru El Cautivo Organic


Peru El Cautivo Organic

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Peru El Cautivo is a medium bodied, organically grown specialty grade arabica coffee crisp and sweet with notes of milk chocolate, lemon and brown sugar.

Product Overview

Cupping Notes

Medium-bodied, slightly sweet coffee displaying notes of milk chocolate, lemon and brown sugar.  Anticipate the clean, crisp cup due to the fully washed bean processing.


The Cautivo Cooperative of Northern Peru is run by a group of organized farmers who have formed a legal association. The members of the co-op strive to improve the standard of living for all involved. They promote water management, environmental protection, and the production of organic materials, such as fertilizers. It’s through these sustainable practices that the Cautivo co-op has been able to achieve their organic certification.

The "SHB" designation means Strictly Hard Bean and indicates a higher altitude and slower grown coffee, a mark of quality.

Cautivo grows Typica, Caturra, Bourbon and Catimor varietals and harvest from May to June.

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