French Press Brewing 101

French Press Brewing 101

Posted by Chris Newsom on Nov 9th 2018

French Press coffee is one of the classic manual brewing methods. Here is a small guide for brewing great coffee with this method.

What You'll Need

  • French Press Coffeemaker - 12 & 34 oz sizes are common.
  • Coffee Grinder - See our blog article for suggestions.
  • Fresh Coffee - Whole bean is preferable; pre-ground needs to be medium coarse to coarse.
  • Fresh Water - Heated to just off-boil, around 200-203ºF.
  • Scales - Weighing your dose of coffee gives consistent results.

How Much Coffee?

  • Weigh 2 grams of coffee for each ounce of water.
  • For a 12 oz press use 24 grams of coffee.
  • For a 34 oz press use 68 grams of coffee.

French Press Recipe

  1. Heat the water to boiling and remove from heat source
  2. Grind your coffee.  Not too fine.  Use a medium coarse to coarse grind.
  3. Place coffee in the press.
  4. Add the heated water (which should be the proper temperature by now)
  5. Give the grounds a quick stir to make sure they are all wet.
  6. Place the lid with the plunger in the up position on the press.
  7. Allow brew to steep for 4-5 minutes.
  8. Press the plunger to the bottom of the press.
  9. Serve the brewed coffee.

Some Tips

  • Pre-warm the press with some of the boiling water. Be sure to pour out before adding ground coffee.
  • Pre-wet (bloom) the coffee.  Add 1/3 of the water to the grounds, stir and wait 30 seconds for the coffee to bloom.  Add the remaining volume of water and place the lid being sure to subtract 30 seconds from your brew time.
  • To stir or not to stir?  Tinker with stirring and not stirring for different extracted flavors.
  • Keep the french press clean.  Coffee oils accumulate easily.
  • Grind size & brew time.  Tinker with these brew parameters to dial in your preferred flavor profile.  Smaller grounds and short brew times vs. larger grounds and longer brew times.