Single-Serve Coffee Brewers

Posted by Chris Newsom on Jun 29th 2018

Single-Serve Coffee Brewers

Brewing Small

When it comes to convenience few will argue that the single-serve brewer is the way to go.  Popular at home and the office, these appliances have attempted to strike a balance between convenience and a quality cup of coffee.  Keurig and Nespresso are the category leaders but almost every brewing manufacturer markets at least one device these days.

Pods and Capsules

The technology revolves around a single-use prepackaged pod or capsule filled with ground coffee.  Fill the reservoir with water (as needed), drop in a pod or capsule of your favorite coffee, place a coffee cup and press the start button.  Within a minute or so the brew cycle is complete and you're ready to go.

Where Does Craft Coffee Fit In?

By design single-serve brewers require a pod or capsule that fits the device. Using local craft roasted coffee may be possible if a user-fillable pod/capsule is available for your particular brewer. If that is important to you do your research for purchasing a machine.

Single-serve Pros and Cons


  • Convenience
  • Brewing per cup means little wasted coffee
  • Some offer brewing options from basic drip coffee to espresso
  • Some offer user-ffillable coffee dosing options


  • Pods and capsules can be expensive
  • Some require proprietary pods or capsules
  • Machine cleaning can be difficult
  • Most capsules are not recyclable (paper-based pods are biodegradable)