Costa Rica Naranjo La Rosa


Costa Rica Naranjo La Rosa

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Costa Rica Naranjo La Rosa is a medium bodied specialty grade arabica coffee with balanced sweetness and notes of cherry, tangerine and apple.

Product Overview

Cupping Notes

Smooth, medium body, balanced and pleasantly sweet, with notes of cherry, tangerine and apple.


Costa Rica La Rosa comes from four farms located in the Naranjo district and is a fully washed coffee sun dried on patios. The four farms are members of the Naranjo Coffee Growers & Multiple Services Cooperative (COOPRONARANJO) which was founded in 1968 to improve coffee quality and enhance their communities socially, financially and sustainably.

Naranjo is divided into 29 coffee growing areas that are "blessed for coffee" enjoying ideal growing conditions - soil, altitude, rainfall and temperature - that combine to produce a unique coffee.

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