Mocha Java Blend


Mocha Java Blend

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Mocha Java Blend is the original coffee blend of African and Indonesian specialty grade coffees for a complex cup with chocolate, spice and layered fruit.

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Our interpretation of the classic: Full body, rich, complex, with balanced flavors of chocolate, spice and layered fruit.


Yemen Mocha was the first coffee to be traded outside the region in which it was grown, called Mocha because for over two hundred years virtually all of it was shipped through the Red-Sea port of Al-Makha or Mocha. When the Dutch successfully established commercial coffee growing in their new colony in Java they added a second origin to Europe’s coffee menu. From these to origins the Mocha-Java blend was born, one that combined the extremes of the coffee-growing world.  (Credit to Kenneth Davids)

Our Mocha Java Blend is an interpretation of that classic blend of a fruity, somewhat wild, African coffee and a complex, smooth Indonesian coffee.  Working from the extremes back toward each other a harmony and balance is achieved for a very unique cup.

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