Sumatra Mandheling


Sumatra Mandheling

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Sumatra Mandheling is a full bodied specialty grade arabica coffee naturally smooth and low in acid with notes of dried fruit, molasses and earth.

Product Overview

Cupping Notes

Full-bodied, moderately sweet, displaying notes of black licorice, dark chocolate and vanilla.  Mandheling is a classically low acid coffee that lingers on your palate.


Sumatra Mandheling is produced in North-Central Sumatra in the highlands of Bukit Barisan. The rich volcanic soil of the region contributes to the rich, heavy body that is synonymous with the best coffees of Sumatra.  It is named in honor of the Mandailing people, an ethnic group in the Batak area who go by this alternate spelling.

Sumatra Mandheling is double-picked meaning it is hand-sorted twice for extra quality control and bean consistency.  The beans are sun dried on patios.

Mandheling grows Catimor and Typica Arabica varieties and harvest from August to June.

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