Bee Aware – Fun Coffee Facts

Posted by Chris Newsom on Jul 31st 2020

Bee Aware – Fun Coffee Facts

Did you know there's a connection between honey bees and coffee plants? Here are some fun facts you should "bee" aware of and share!

  • Coffee trees produce caffeine as a natural defense against garden slugs. It's poisonous to them.
  • Honeybees get low doses of caffeine when collecting nectar from coffee tree flowers. It's not poisonous to bees.
  • Caffeine improves the honey bee's long-term memory, according to a study by neuroscientist Geraldine Wright.
  • Honey bees enjoy caffeine and tend to return to caffeinated flowers more frequently. This makes them more productive. Maybe that's why they say "busy as a bee."
  • Honeybees do a special figure-eight dance when returning to their hive after locating a caffeinated plant. It signals to the others the direction and distance of the plant. Honey bees are very social insects, so they want their friends to join the party!

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