Coffee Brewing for the Holidays!

Posted by Chris Newsom on Nov 16th 2020

Coffee Brewing for the Holidays!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times for family and friends. Those get togethers may look a little different this year, but one thing remains the same, the love of coffee. Coffee brewing for the holidays often involves an automatic drip brewer. Here's some tips to get the best brewed cup. 

Coffee Brewing for the Holidays Tips

  1. Clean your coffee maker inside and out. Brew a pot of 1:2 ratio clear vinegar-to-water halfway through and turn off your machine. Let it sit 30 minutes. Pour the mixture back into your brewer and brew completely through. Clean all surfaces and brew a pot of clean water.
  2. Buy freshly roasted coffee and have it ground. This breaks the cardinal rule of "grind before brewing," but if you're going to use a bag in 2-3 days, it simplifies the brewing, saves counter space and gets used before going stale. Just keep in an airtight container.
  3. Buy spring water. A few gallons of spring water in clear plastic containers will help good coffee taste even better. Avoid distilled water or water in foggy plastic. This is another time-saver.
  4. Rinse your filter. Rinsing your paper filter with hot tap water for 10 seconds will help remove the cardboard-y taste from your finished brew. Cone filters are easy; flat-bottom filters take a bit more effort.
  5. Remove from heat. Unless you're going to empty the pot in 10-15 minutes it's best to hold the coffee hot in a thermal carafe. Simply prime the carafe with hot water during the brewing process. Then dump and fill with freshly made coffee.

More Coffee Tips

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