Coffee Brewing for the Holidays!

Posted by Chris Newsom on Nov 18th 2019

Coffee Brewing for the Holidays!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are times for family and friends, it's also when a lot of coffee is served. An automatic drip brewer is perfect for this task and here are a few tips to help you serve your best brewed cup.

  1. Clean your coffee maker inside and out. Brew a pot of 1:2 ratio clear vinegar-to-water half way through and turn off your machine. Let sit 30 minutes. Pour the mixture back into your brewer and brew completely through. Clean all surfaces and brew a pot of clean water.
  2. Buy freshly roasted coffee and have it ground. This breaks the cardinal rule of "grind before brewing" but if you're going to use a bag in 2-3 days it simplifies the brewing, saves counter space and gets used up before going stale. Just keep in an airtight container.
  3. Buy spring water. A few gallons of spring water in clear plastic containers will help good coffee taste even better. Avoid distilled water or water in foggy plastic. This is another time-saver.
  4. Rinse your filter. Rinsing your paper filter with hot tap water for 10 seconds will help remove the cardboard-y taste from your finished brew. Cone filters are easy; flat-bottom filters take a bit more effort.
  5. Remove from heat. Unless you're going to empty the pot in 10-15 minutes it's best to hold the coffee hot in a thermal carafe. Simply prime the carafe with hot water during the brewing process, dump and fill with freshly made coffee.

Happy Brewing!