Your 2021 Online Coffee Shop

Jan 6th 2021

Your 2021 Online Coffee Shop

The way the world drinks coffee isn’t the same as it was a year ago. Maybe you brewed coffee at home but also enjoyed a cup at your favorite coffee shop. It may have been part of your routine to grab a cup on the way into the office or an afternoon boost. Everything looks a bit different now, but that doesn’t mean your coffeehouse experiences are over. You can still have them at home by finding the perfect online coffee store.

The New Coffeehouse Experience

Missing the coffeehouse experience is all part of this new shift to life. The ambiance, the people, and the taste you love were all in this shop. It doesn’t mean you’ll never have them again, but if you’re now a full-time remote worker, your routine is different. So, your coffee drinking is, as well.

The new coffeehouse experience is happening right now in your kitchen. If you need a new hobby or interest to get you through the pandemic, learning about coffee is both interesting and comes with the payout of developing your palate.

Are you stuck in one lane of coffee? Always having the same thing because you know you like it. Now you can experiment with different flavor profiles and may surprisingly find a new favorite.

Why Choose Sky Mountain Coffee as Your Online Coffee Shop?

There’s no shortage of online coffee shops. There are both giants in the industry and smaller operations. When choosing an online coffee shop, you should consider these things:

  • Freshness: Large coffee producers batch roast then seal so that it can sit on a shelf. We micro-roast regularly, so what you receive in your package was roasted only days before. We focus on freshness and quality in every bag.
  • Cost: While coffee’s a commodity, it’s not cheap. That cup of coffee from the coffee shop every day was a treat but one that adds up in cost. The price of coffee doesn’t necessarily reflect its quality. Many operations aren’t efficient, with product waste occurring, which you’ll pay for, unfortunately. We have low overhead and a proven process that keeps prices competitive and affordable. We even have a subscription option that offers FREE SHIPPING.
  • Quality: We only sell specialty grade coffee, which is the premier category. Does grade matter? Yes, it’s a statement of the coffee’s flavor profile and lack of defects. Micro-roasting also helps ensure quality standards.
  • Flavor: We offer a large variety of specialty grade coffee to enhance the senses. With options for every roast level, there are so many flavor adventures that await your senses.

Join the Sky Mountain Coffee Online Coffee Shop Experience

We put passion and expertise into every product we sell. Coffee is much more than a beverage; it’s a lifestyle. Coffee lovers are our community, and we invite you to experience adventure in every cup.

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